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Who are they?

SiteGround is a hosting service provider formed 15 years ago. Since 2015 they have an office in Madrid and a local team. They have a software architecture and a very geek team to offer the fastest, safest and adapted services to the needs of their clients.
Its fundamental pillars are security, speed and technical support. They offer specialized services for users and developers of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and other popular web applications.
They host more than 2 million domains spread over several continents.

WordPress Hosting Services

In the WordPress hosting sector they have very good reputation all over the world.
They offer specific hosting for WordPress managed in all its servers.
They automatically update the core and the plugins as soon as a new version appears.
They provide speed optimization services such as dynamic caching and memcache in their SuperCacher, which has been created by them internally. They have integrated WP-CLI, staging tool with which you can create versions of your application or web in one click in the test environment and integrated GIT for the convenience of the client. In this post there is more information about these 3 tools for WordPress developers.
WordPress Hosting officially recommended by for everyone.
Add something very important, they have developed internal tools totally free for their users designed to facilitate the use of WordPress in their hosting (WordPress installer in one click included, the WP migrator plugin, the WordPress Starter tool) and get the most out of the web (The SG Optimizer plugin).


They develop their own solutions to protect websites from malicious attacks. Actively monitor daily reports on security and vulnerabilities and in 2015 added 855 Firewall security rules, often solving serious vulnerabilities as in the case of JetPack XSS. They wrote 43 Linux Kernel patches while the average hosting provider does not write even one.
They offer enhanced SSH internally with advanced and more secure features and several SSL certificates in addition to the free Let’s Encrypt with wildcards.


They design techniques with which websites load faster like the SuperCacher for WordPress.
They use the best and the latest technology. The software installed on their servers is optimized by our developers for greater speed.
They have created a new shared hosting platform and cloud based on Linux containers and SSDs that allows faster backup and recovery.
In addition, they offer free CDN to accelerate the websites and PHP7, HTTP2 and HHVM are available on our servers.
Recently they added the QUIC protocol that makes loading web pages faster even with slow internet connections.


They offer technical support to clients 24 hours a day in Spanish, English and Italian.
Your answer is immediate to the consultations made by chat and telephone and less than 10 minutes to those coming from tickets.
In 2015, they processed more than 1 million queries and achieved 95% satisfaction from their customers.
In 2016 they asked our customers about their satisfaction with the 4 pillars of our service: speed, security, support and uptime and 96% of them rated their experience as exceptional.
In 2017 they hosted more than 1 million websites and achieved 97% satisfaction among their customers.
And in 2018 they were even better: more web speed, better security, many new tools and 98% customer satisfaction.
We are proud!

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