How to get token to migrate from DemosWP to SiteGround

In this small and quick tutorial we will show you how to obtain the token to migrate your site to the hosting siteGround SiteGround.

The process is very straightforward and easy to follow. Read on for detailed instructions.

Step 1: Generate a migration token in SiteGround cPanel

First, you need to generate a Migration Token that will tell our system to which account and folder you want to transfer your site. To start, log in to your cPanel account and go to WordPress Tools -> WordPress Migrator.

On this page you will see a list of all your domains and subdomains. Select the domain you want to use and add a path, if needed (if your WordPress site is installed on for example). Hit the Generate button.

You will receive a long string of symbols – the Migration Token. It’s unique per each transfer and has all the information our system needs to start moving your files and databases.

Step 2: Put SiteGround token into DemosWP dashboard

Once you have the Migration Token, log into , click on Migrate option and put this token .